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MODPlug Central is the place to download free music software for creating and playing back original compositions on your computer, as well as discover some great free music uploaded by other artists! The MODPlug Software is completely free and allows you to create and play back some great music on your computer. Our Free Music Downloads area contains music made by independent artists, and our Search Engine allows you to find some great resources for making music on your computer.
Download Free MODPlug Music Software
Modplug Tracker
MODPlug Tracker
The MODPlug Tracker is free, powerful software that enables you to easily create music on your Windows-based PC using instruments freely available on the internet.


Modplug Player
MODPlug Player
The MODPlug Player is a compact, versatile player for your Windows-based PC that accurately plays files created using the MODPlug Tracker and other Tracking programs.


Modplug Plugin Download
MODPlug Plugin
Although development has ceased on the plugin, it is still available for download by clicking the link below:



Free Music Community
Join the Free Music Community in the MODPlug Central Forums to discuss tips tricks and techniques, as well as discuss the latest versions of the MODPlug software.
Random Song Title / Rock Band Name Generator
Stuck on a title for your song or a name for your band? The MODPlug Central Random Title Generator is here to help!


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